My head was pressed against the mattress with my ass high in the atmosphere. In my mind and our game, No wasn’t an option.Doing something from the ordinary can also be energizing. He climbed behind me as Don moved to my side. Our daily lives are predetermined by routine; getting up, showering, going to work and all the bullshit that comes with itcoming home having dinner, and watch a little TV, go to bed and repeat. Jay is such a little cock whore Don. Last night shattered the routine.

He could ‚t wait to get his ass fucked. It was also nice to explore my feminine side also. Right Jay? Dressing up in lace and lace while turning somebody else on was so arousing.

That’s correct Paul. During the seminar I couldn’t help considering the feeling of getting a hard dick in my mouth again; savoring the flavor of another guy ‚s beef; the noises of me giving him a wet, sloppy blowjob; the delight when I felt his cock pulsate and him lunging forwards; the flavor of his semen; appearing at him after he finished cumming in my mouth knowing he had been delighted with my blow job; wearing lingerie while opening the door for room service with cum on my head being spanked before getting a good ass fucking while individuals from throughout the street watched usthe first feeling of pain/pleasure in my buttocks; hearing him grunting as he fucked me; the noise of his epidermis and balls slapping against my buttocks. Fuck me.

Then I thought of the end of our experience feeling so excited I completely submitted myself to a different guy; letting him dress me up in lingerie, obeying his every purchase and fulfilling his sexual needs. I want you to fuck my bum just like you did last night. I felt my cock getting hard always through the afternoon as my thoughts drifted to the night before. Then I felt Paul push ahead and I pushed back to assist him enter me. As the afternoon wore on I was kind of insulted that Paul hadn’t sent me a text thanking me for being such a willing partner. I wanted that dick so badly now.

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Heck, I let him treat me like a total slut. The head pushed then slowly kept pushing ahead. I began to feel used and embarrassed of my activities. Then he started to fuck me slowly pushing deeper into my ass with every thrust. I pledged to not repeat them again. ever.

It felt fantastic. Then approximately o’clock I got a text from Paul. I could see Don’s hard on poking in front of his boxers. Same pub; same time?

I wondered exactly what it looked like. My heart skipped a beat and I felt. Paul then said , recall last night while I was fucking you Jay? You said you wanted to suck a dick while I fucked you. I couldn’t listen to the seminar session I had been in. Do you want a dick in your mouth Jay?

If you inquire Don real fine, I bet he’d allow you to suck on his prick. What if I do? Should I even respond? Does he need to do it again? Do I need to do it again? Don is so sexy, it’s not fair to leave him like that.

Sure, I’ll meet you there. Request him Jay. I was even more worried than the previous day. Will you let me give you a blow job Don? Could I even face Paul again?

We were a little drunk last night and I had been sober now. Oh, you should beg Don to allow you to suck on his dick Jay. I could hardly admit to myself what I had done but to see Paul again would emphasize the events of the last night. Now beg him real fine. I gathered up my courage and walked into the pub.

Paul continued to push his cock deep into my ass, slapping my cheeks, forcing my passion even higher. I looked about and watched Paul sitting at a booth with a different guy. It made me hotter as he was basically offering my services to his friend and I was going to submissively obey his petition. He was all about our age but seemed a little heavier, not fit like Paul. Please Don, are you going to let me suck your cock? I really need to suck it bad.

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He definitely had the dad body kids joke about. I guarantee I will give you a great blow job. When Paul saw me he waved me over to the booth. Please Don; please let me suck you and lick your balls. I wondered what was happening. I want you to cum in my mouth.

I was a little disappointed that there was somebody else there. I need to taste your own cum. Perhaps this was just a pleasant happy hour to just shoot the shit like friends. Can you please let me blow you? I expect he didn’t disclose that our little secret to anyone.

I sure would allow Jay suck my dick Paul. Paul introduced me to his co-worker Don who wanted to catch a few beers with us.